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The Consulting Arm Of Tata Steel

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The Consulting Arm Of Tata Steel

    What we provide

    Tata Steel Consulting provides a wide range of consultancy services from Mining and Technology to Human Resource Management and Corporate Services

    As part of a world-class steel producer, Tata Steel Consulting is able to call upon first-hand knowledge of planning, developing, and operating an internationally competitive steel company. It is now imperative that we make our peers partners in our success story and share some of our industry leading practices.

    INDUSTRY 4.0

    Digital Consultancy - Tata Steel Digital Journey

    Digital Journey

    Tata Steel Digital Journey
    Our Industrial 4.0 Architecture
    » Insight Platform: Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, User Apps
    » Data Platform: Data & Analytics 
    » Infra Platform: Enterprise Applications, Sensors, Level I & II, Network, Cyber Se...SEE MORE

    Connected Workforce - TSIC

    Connected Workforce

    » Smart solution for identification & tracking of manpower deployed inside plants
    » The Solution has 4 critical components – Lora Wan, BLE Beacons, Android / IOS Mobile App & Cloud application...SEE MORE

    Procurement 4.0 - TSIC

    Procurement 4.0

    Digital Negotiation Factory
    Problems Addressed:
    » Real time tracking of all negotiations
    » Availability of structured data in a single platform
    » Enable negotiation decisions based on past data (historical vendor data) ,current data (clean sheet) a...SEE MORE

    Platform solutions - TSIC

    Platform solutions

    » Predictive maintenance
    » Ashiyana – manufacturing or other industries in general...SEE MORE

    Digital Safety and Environment

    Digital Safety and Environment

    Video Analytic Solutions for process safety
    » To ensure process/industrial safety measurements
    » Social Distance
    » Mask Detection
    » PPE Detection
    » No Man Area Zones
    » Hand Rail Holding Detection
    » Fire Detection...SEE MORE


    Auto Pelletizing Disc
    » Develop an automated pellet size control system using Level II Automation System parameters to control the size distribution of green pellets
    Result & Benefits:
    » Elimination of manual inspection of discs to ident...SEE MORE

    Iron Making

    COSMOS (Coke Oven Scheduling & Heating Monitoring System) - Coke Oven Level II System
    » Heating, scheduling & machine coordination in coke oven battery which leads to improved productivity, battery life, energy efficiency and quality of coke...SEE MORE

    Steel Making

    Smart Raking System
    » To facilitate the removal of slag optimally from molten iron
    » IR camera differentiates steel and slag.
    » Imaging algorithm detects the endpoint of raking
    Feature & Benefits:
    » Improved yield
    » Indep...SEE MORE


    Roll Shop Management System
    » The Roll Management monitors the usage of grooves, rolls, roll sets, roll modules and guide boxes in terms of the rolled tonnage and indicates when set limits are reached
    Digital Features:
    » Application migra...SEE MORE

    Plant Infrastructure and Logistics

    Torpedo Ladle Tracking System
    » Efficient coordination of torpedo ladles for serving Hot Metal “capacity buffers” for the Blast Furnaces and “feed buffers” for the Steel Making Shops
    Improved KPIs:
    » Efficient & optimum management...SEE MORE

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