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Procurement 4.0

1. Digital Negotiation Factory

Problems Addressed:

  • Real time tracking of all negotiations
  • Availability of structured data in a single platform
  • Enable negotiation decisions based on past data (historical vendor data) ,current data (clean sheet) and future data (forecast for materials)
  • Supplier’s competitiveness will increase
  • Error free and faster executions
  • Maintain a digital repository of past negotiations


  • Negotiations are now more objective backed by readily availability of data
  • Digital visibility will prevent cartelization
  • Help in achieving ~5% savings during negotiations

2. Catalogue Management System

Problems Addressed

  • High transaction workload for category managers
  • High PR — PO time for MRO Items with multiple interactions between users and category managers
  • Competitive and Negotiated rate contracts availability through keyword search under ARC/Hosted Catalogue
  • Increased visibility of procured material by providing pictorial representation of item selected


  • Rate reduction by 10%-15% across MRO categories due to increased vendor competition (Punchout/Hosted catalogs); increased vendor sale efficiency (annual rate contracts)
  • Base P2P system leveraged with E-Catalog integrated to minimize change management for users
  • ARC coverage increased by 20%

3. Life Cycle Tracking System

Problems Addressed

  • Visibility of combined data from multiple systems involved in entire process (8-9 systems across entire cycle)
  • Frequent queries on status update by multiple stakeholders
  • Correspondence with the person responsible for the present stage of request


  • Improvement in payment cycle time by ~20% Smooth Delivery of Materials as per schedule during Covid -19
  • Improvement in PR-PO cycle time by 20%

4. DigiWheels

Problems Addressed

  • Uitilzation Tracking of the vehicles
  • Ensuring optimal usage of vehicles
  • Manual record-keeping necessary to track vehicle distances/usage for fuel reimbursements and other payments


  • Reduction in size of fleet. Increase in utilization figures from (20-40%) to (75-90%)
  • Real time monitoring of entire fleet to ensure 100% availability. ~25% savings on contracted vehicles

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