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Roll Shop Management System

The Roll Management monitors the usage of grooves, rolls, roll sets, roll modules and guide boxes in terms of the rolled tonnage and indicates when set limits are reached

Digital Features:

  1. Application migrated to web-based
  2. Backup and running rolls module
  3. Roll shop inventory and production linking for all stands 1 to 16
  4. NTM roll inventory and linking are in progress
  5. Roll shop status module was deployed

Mill Chatter detection System

Chatter marks on coils generated in Cold Rolling Mill often lead to rejection and downgrade downstream. In absence of an online chatter detection system, chatter defects are not detected in real-time which may take upto some days of actual rolling. So, no corrective action can be taken immediately and material rolled with this defect is always exposed to chatter defects

Product Features:

  1. Real-time Chatter Detection
  2. Long Term vibration trend
  3. FFT analysis of stand vibration
  4. Coil Wise Chatter severity prediction
  5. Daily MIS
  6. Data download
  7. Configurable as per requirement

V.Eye (An eye for crop optimization)

Real-time vision-based system for accurate computation of cut profile of the head and tail ends of Transfer Bar to reduce yield loss due to crop cut. The system also provides accurate speed measurement of the hot strips to assist precision cutting by crop shear

Principle of operation:

  1. Imaging of the head & tail end of the transfer bar after the last pass of the roughing mill
  2. Determination of the optimum shear lines
  3. Downloading of the reference cut position to the shear control system
  4. Accurate speed measurement & feedback to shear control system


  1. Reduction in yield loss due to crop cut up to 0.1%
  2. Reduction in average crop cut length up to 60%
  3. Avoids cobbles in mills


Based on stereo photometry and triangulation principles, Tru- SPAN measures the hot/cold coil widths with immaculate precision. Powered by a line laser, the new generation Tru-SPAN is also capable of carrying out width compensation in presence of a moderate bow in the surface

Improved KPIs:

  1. Yield loss
  2. Downstream rejections

Surface Quality Inspection System

Discretion alarms are raised only for significant defects missing zero defects and resulting in accurate classification and revised gradation standards

Principle of operation:

  1. Acquisition of images
  2. Processing of the images
  3. Detection of “flaws”
  4. Segmentation into “objects of interest”
  5. Classification of these images into defects, e.g. silvers, scratches, edge damage, holes etc.
  6. Severity indication
  7. Real time result display
  8. Detection of defects upto size 1mm2
  9. Modular & scalable architecture

Hole Detection System (HDS)

A precision vision machine that will not let go of any holes undetected. Built on image processing, sophisticated and efficient algorithms are used to detect holes on the fly. Salient features include triggering of Audio/Visual alarm, customized report generation, and advanced analysis of hole defects


  1. Real-time detection of holes during rolling
  2. 100% coverage of sheet surface
  3. Supports quality control & grading of sheets
  4. Helps monitoring of the casting & rolling processes
  5. Generates coil defects database to facilitate analysis
  6. Archival of data

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