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The Consulting Arm Of Tata Steel

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The Consulting Arm Of Tata Steel

    What we provide

    Tata Steel Consulting provides a wide range of consultancy services from Mining and Technology to Human Resource Management and Corporate Services

    As part of a world-class steel producer, Tata Steel Consulting is able to call upon first-hand knowledge of planning, developing, and operating an internationally competitive steel company. It is now imperative that we make our peers partners in our success story and share some of our industry leading practices.

    Deployment of the company’s extensive process expertise and customized technology solutions,garnered over years of experience in projects and operations in the Tata Steel plants, are spread across four verticals.

    Metallurgical consulting Services

    Iron Making

    From coarse and rocky iron ore to tough and shiny steel - the making of the alloy is a journey and demands technological expertise of the highest degree. Iron-making technologies at Tata Steel have been honed through years of experience for optimal resource efficiency while enhancing product and process performance. Our expertise lies in driving improvement in productivity, cost, quality, safety, and equipment life in your Ironmaking units
    • Process visualization and audits across coke making, sinter making and iron making
    • Blast furnaces – Fuel rate fuel rate optimization, stave thickness measurement, hearth refractory thickness measurement, burden trajectory measurement
    • Site-specific value-in-use (ViU) models for optimal selection of raw materials

    Steel Making

    Tata Steel has undertaken extensive research in making the process of steelmaking more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. The company is on a journey of continuous improvement and is pushing the boundaries to evolve its product offerings for a changing world. Our expertise lies in various aspects from Improving strike rate, yield and reducing rejections in your steel making operations
    • Defectology approach for reducing defects and rejections
    • Fe alloy consumption optimization
    • Waste utilization – LD and LF slag
    • Throughput improvement across units
    • Optimal chemistry for desired Steel specs
    Steel Making Consultancy Services
    Rolling Mill Consultancy Services in India

    Rolling Mills

    Rolling is a metal forming process that helps metal stock passing through pairs of rolls to reduce thickness classified according to the temperature of the metal rolled. Our expertise lies in providing portable, scalable, and easy to maintain solutions
    • Reheating furnace energy optimization
    • Mill scale and sliver reduction
    • Improve yield and strike rate
    • Intelligent quality monitoring systems
    • Chatter prediction in cold rolling
    • Hot rolling simulations

    Plant Infrastructure

    Our expertise lies in Improving the effectiveness of your infrastructure through our Technology-based solutions
    • Greenfield and brownfield support – Business case preparation, equipment selection, facility layout, opening day requirements
    • Setting up QA/QC frameworks
    • New product development
    • Failure analysis and testing services
    Plant Infrastructure
     IE & Management, and Consultancy Services

    Organizational Excellence

    In 1948, the Industrial Engineering (IE) department was formed with an aim to improve productivity by means of workload and plant capacity assessment and incentive scheme design. It acts as an internal consultant and change agent for Tata Steel to sustain the leadership and improve upon the competitive edge. The team is now striving towards providing world-class productivity, IE & Management, and Consultancy Services needed by the industries to remain competitive in a globalized economy.IE & Management Consultancy Services With more than 70 years of rich Experience working in the field of Industrial Engineering and experience from various industries – Automotive, Wind, Cement, Metals, Mining, IT Services, and Construction etc., sharing knowledge & best practices with our customers is our passion.

    Excellence Journey:

    • Total Quality Management journey
    • Risk maturity assessments

    Mandated Compliance

    • ISO/TS certifications enablement
    • Legal & Regulatory compliances

    Customer Centric Initiatives

    • Customer experience Tracking
    • Customer complaint Management System
    • Customer Insights Management
    • Brand & Channel Management

    Transformational programs

    • Cost take-out initiatives
    • Productivity improvement initiatives
    • Safety journey
    • Circularity and Sustainability

    People-Centered Initiatives

    • Cultural Transformations
    • Up-Skilling
    • Leadership Development Programs

    Our Natural Resource Division (NRD) is equipped with a large group of experienced Geologists, Mining Engineers, Surveyors, Chemists & Sampling technicians. With a great acumen in the area of Exploration, Mining, and Quality Assurance. NRD of Tata Steel was accredited by NABET certification as Exploration Planning Agency for coal, metal, & mine plan preparation agency (MPPA). It has state of the art NABL accredited chemical laboratories at West Bokaro & Jharia for Coal and at Noamundi and Joda for Iron ore. We also have installed facilities for physico-mechanical testing at Jharia.

    Exploration services -TSIC

    Exploration Services:

    It includes all gamut of activities like exploration planning, supervision, data capturing & synthesis, sampling & analysis, interpretation of data, preparation of sections preparation of geological models & resources as per standard codes in prevalence. We are focusing on our services in Coal, Iron, Manganese, Chromite, Limestone, Graphite.

    • Remote sensing and geophysical survey
    • Topographical survey
    • Mapping
    • Pitting, trenching, and geochemical sampling
    • Exploratory drilling and rig-site geology
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Physical testing

    Mine Planning Services:

    This service includes all aspects of Statutory Mine Plan preparation & Life of Mine. Our team includes experienced mining engineers, geologists & other associated subject experts. Also, we use licensed versions of industry standard mine planning software like surpac, minex whittle, mine shed, Xpac, Xact, and others. We use Flac 3D software to carry out slope stability studies for pits & dumps with numerical modeling.
    • Preparation of Statutory Mine Plans
    • Life of Mine (LOM) study and designs
    • Review of Statutory Mine Plans
    Mine Planning Services - TSIC
    Drone Surveys for Digital Mine Survey

    Specialized Services:

    Specialized services include due diligence studies for mineral potentiality assessment, evaluation of blocks offered for auction, drone surveys for digital mine survey, mine reconciliation. In this area, we can provide services in preparing quality monitoring designs for mines and wash plants, and washability tests of coal.

    • Desktop & reconnaissance field due-diligence studies for mineral potentiality assessment
    • Evaluation of notified auction blocks
    • Digital mine mapping
    • Slope Stability studies using numerical modeling with Flac 3D

    Laboratory Services:

    • Laboratory Services in Coal & Coke
      • Chemical Analysis, Physical Analysis, Rheological Tests, Washability Tests
      • Physico-Mechanical studies of coal & rock samples
    • Laboratory Services in Metal
      • Chemical Analysis, Physical Analysis, Physico-Mechanical studies of rock samples
      • Service Categories of ore and minerals are: Iron Ore | Manganese Ore | Dolomite | Limestone | Ferro-manganese
    Laboratory Services in Coal & Coke
    Quality Monitoring

    Quality Assurance:

    In this area, we can provide services in preparing quality monitoring designs for mines and wash plants, and washability tests of coal.

    • Mine Reconciliation
    • Quality monitoring plan preparation for mines & wash plant
    • Washability Studies

    Tata Steel firmly believes that employees are its greatest asset and the focus is to bring out the best in them. We strive to build a work environment that focusses on creating an engaged, diversified, productive and healthy workforce through employee-friendly initiatives like five-day work week, nursing break, work from home, parental leave and other similar policies. Thus commitment to create the best work environment has been the cornerstone of its success since its Our Offerings Include: inception. Several industrial HR practices have now become a norm across all sectors. We are proud to be recognized for ‘Best company to work for’ from Business Today and are proud to be featured among the best employers in India. Consultancy services are now available to create an inspiring environment across the organization to enable synergy, promote innovation and motivate employees to achieve personal and organizational goals through various HR policies and practices. Click here to visit Digi-eshala portal

    Organization Restructuring Consultant
    • Organization Restructuring
    • Policy Design
    • Total Rewards
    • HR Integration
    • Legal Advisory
      • Legal compliances for starting a new entity
      • Acquisition – Transfer of undertaking in India
      • Closure of an establishment in India
      • Proficiency in conducting domestic enquiry
    • Designing Wage and Grade Structures for Blue Collared employees as per requirement of the organization
    • Designing Policies for Blue Collared Employees
    • Talent Management Framework

    Learning and Development:

    The Tata Steel Management Development center was established in 1954 and has taken a lead inhoning managerial capabilities, while the Shavak Nanavati Technical Training Institute marks 100 years of dedicated training experience in India. Infrastructure and curricula have constantly been invested into to keep the promise of excellence in our programs.

    Our trainings are classified as:

    Technical Trainings:

    • Mechanical
    • Mining
    • Electrical Electronics & Instrumentation
    • IT and Digital Capability
    • Metallurgy

    Managerial Trainings:

    Managerial Training is designed keeping in mind the need to ensure real-world effectiveness of the training. Focus is on real-world cases, contextual role-play delivered in an interactive format for effective capacity building. There are 6 major domains of training covering a plethora of modules as follows:
    • Self-Development
    • Managerial Development
    • Sales Development
    • Leadership Development
    • Customer Service
    • Finance

    E-learning Modules:

    We offer a spectrum of employment-oriented and industry-focused training. The wide scope of training modules covers all the branches from Mechanical, Electrical to computers and IT. These include modules over 6 major domains covering a plethora of classes:
    • Mechanical
    • Metallurgy
    • Electrical Electronics and Instrumentation
    • Mining
    • IT and CS
    • Industry 360

    Tailored Programs:

    We design and institutionalize tailored learning programs to fulfill various organizational needs. These ensure a constantly learning and developing knowledge ecosystem.
    • Vendor Skill Development: For an organization to remain competitive, it is necessary to have skilled manpower. That strengthens the technical skills of the contract partners and enable vendor partners to become better equipped to meet the increased competency requirements
    • Schools of Excellence: The main aim of SOE is to develop experts in the area of a certain expertise. Further these experts would propagate these best and latest practices within their department and organization.
    Learning and Development - Tata Steel Management Development center

    Automation Division of Tata Steel was established in 1992 to develop process optimization solutions through applied research and provide associated operational support to the production units of Tata Steel through Product Life cycle management. We are a multi-disciplinary group of engineers & researchers with expertise in implementing total automation solutions involving Research & Development, Instrumentation, System Integration, Intelligent Systems & Mathematical Modelling Software Engineering & Development. Our services include

    • Digital Safety & Environment

      • Video Analytic Solutions for process safety
      • Explosive Detection System
      • Hook Vision
      • Remote Sprinkler for Stock Yards
      • Plume Dispersion System

      • Auto Pelletizing Disc
      • Auto Pellet Tester
      • Grate Scan
      • Sinter Sizing Estimation
      • Sinter Plant Level II System
      • Wireless Dip Lance
      • Online Flue Temperature Measurement of Coke Ovens
      • Tie Rod Load Cell Measurement in Coke Ovens
      • Tuyere Eye
      • Provide BF (Process Visualization & Data Evaluation for Blast Furnace) : Blast Furnace Level – II System
      • COSMOS (Coke Oven Scheduling & Heating Monitoring System) - Coke Oven Level II System
    • Steel Making ( BOF/EAF, Casters, Flat & Long Product Mills )

      • Smart Ranking System
      • Slag Detection System
      • Opti BOF: SMS Level II System
      • Slab Auto De-grader for SMS
      • Scrap Yard Management System
      • Casting Online Diagnostics system ( Break out prediction system )
      • Slab Dimension Measurement System
      • Rhombodity Measurement System
    • Rolling Mills

      • Roll Shop Management System
      • Mill Chatter detection System
      • V.Eye ( An eye for crop optimization )
      • Tru-Span
      • Surface Quality Inspection System
      • Hole Detection System (HDS)
    • Logistics, Utilities & Maintenance

      • Torpedo Ladle Tracking System
      • Yard Management System
      • Smart Solutions
      • Connected Workforce
      • Smart Barricade
      • Smart Fleet Management System
      • UniLOR D ( Universal Lora wan Solutions )
      • Centralized Condition Monitoring System
      • DC Motor Spark Monitoring System
      • Pipe Conveyor Monitoring System
      • Track Rail Inspection System ( Trains )
    • Digital Consultancy

      • Digital Road Map Development
      • Integrated Market Management
      • Operational Excellence
      • Procurement 4.0
      • Smart Asset Management
      • Market Insights

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