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Steel Making

Smart Raking System

To facilitate the removal of slag optimally from molten iron


  1. IR camera differentiates steel and slag.
  2. Imaging algorithm detects the endpoint of raking

Feature & Benefits:

  1. Improved yield
  2. Independent of human skill and experience

Slag Detection System

To avoid slag carryover into the ladle during tapping


  1. IR cameras differentiates between steel and slag based on their emissivity.
  2. Imaging algorithm detects slag at the end of the tapping cycle

Feature & Benefits:

  1. Cases of Phos Reversal go down.
  2. To improve the quality of the steel

Opti BOF: SMS Level II System

Consistency in the end blow chemistry and temperature through different models which provides assistance in the planning of heats

  • Process Optimisation: Charge Balance,  Alloying Calculation, Dynamic Calculation
  • Tracking: Hot Metal Ladles, Steel Ladles
  • Production Planning: Daily Schedule Receipt, Heat Planning, Transfer Of Process Data
  • Communication Interface: Caster Level-II System, Level-II System, SAP/Data Warehousing, Laboratory Management
  • HMIs: Online Display Of Process Parameters
  • Process Analysis: Online Trends Of Key Parameter


  1. Reduction in the standard deviation of turndown temperature
  2. Reduction in reblows
  3. Reduction in time consumption
  4. Reduction in a variation of turn down phosphorous for a given grade
  5. Standardization of operational practices

Slab Auto De-grader for SMS

An automated ML model with gradient boosting algorithm to determine the best possible alternate for unplanned transitions/degradation due to chemistry


  1. Automated searching of the most suitable alternative in terms of Order availability, defect generation due to grade mixing (transition loss) and cost margin
  2. A novel approach involving machine learning (Gradient Boosting Algorithm) and search optimization has been used
  3. Pro-active correction of the unplanned outages via automated system-driven efficient decisions instead of manually dependent systems at early steelmaking stages


Scrap Yard Management System

Auto scrap loading information system eliminates manual-based data logs of scrap charged in BOF and other manual practices coupled with autonomous scrap charging to improve overall productivity

Features & Benefits:

  1. Completely automated scrap management system
  2. Able to identify the requirement as per the work order received to charge the scrap
  3. Complete interface with the level II system and identify the required scrap recipe
  4. Camera Lidar system enables to generate a position reference for the crane system to operate

Casting Online Diagnostics system (Break out prediction system)

CODS continuously monitors the embedded thermocouple values in real time and generates early alarms to arrest potential sticker breakouts

Gives a breakout ability factor

Improved KPIs:
Improved KPIs, 80% true/false sticker alarms

Slab Dimension Measurement System

To develop a system that comprehensively measures various casting parameters like Length, Width, Thickness, Bulging and Taper to provide real-time feedback to the operation about the casting quality

Previous Practice:
Length (Auto-Encoder based), Width (Manual), Thickness (Manual), Taper (None), Bulging (None)

New Initiative:
A hybrid of Machine Vision and Laser technology has been developed to measure Slab dimension

Features & Benefits:.

  1. Efficient data analysis tools to analyze casting performance embedded in Level II
  2. Breakout detection due to Taper Loss

Rhomboidity Measurement System

Real-time, precision vision machine for Rhomboidity measurement of Billets/Blooms to improve yield by a reduction in downstream rejects & reduce man-machine interface

Features & Benefits:

  1. The system being real-time can measure each billet individually for Rhomboidity, giving an accurate value
  2. Able to withstand high-temperature dust and harsh environments
  3. Non-contact type system

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