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Auto Pelletizing Disc

Objective: Develop an automated pellet size control system using Level II Automation System parameters to control the size distribution of green pellets

Result & Benefits:

  1. Elimination of manual inspection of discs to identify discs producing reject and elimination of human judgement in size control
  2. Effective control of reject and reduction of feed fluctuations to the induration machine
  3. Implemented in all pelletizing disc (10 nos) of TSJ Jamshedpur

Auto Pellet Tester

Objective: To provide a completely autonomous process of testing pellets without any delay in the process

Issues & Concerns:

  1. Manual & cumbersome job
  2. Time-consuming process


  1. Fully autonomous process
  2. Results in 1-minute
  3. Real-time CCS testing
  4. Overall high productivity

Grate Scan

Objective: To develop an automated defect logging, tracking & positioning system for Pallet Cars thus enabling faster detection and maintenance of defective cars which lead to loss of pellets while transport

Automated system is required for

  1. Individual car’s defects logging
  2. Individual car tracking in chair
  3. Auto positioning of the defective car

Key Features:

  1. Defect logging
  2. Pallet car tracking
  3. Precise positioning of cars
  4. Overall productivity improvement

Sinter Sizing Estimation

Objective: Image-Analytics-based system to calculate the Sinter size distribution in real-time

Novelty: Using a CNN based Object detection + Instance segmentation model for estimating size distribution


  1. Assessment of the sinter granulometry of sinter in real-time
  2. Bad-sized Sinter diversion from BF line, minimizing the impact on Blast Furnace productivity

Sinter Plant Level II System

Objective: A complete Level II system for process improvement and an overall increase in productivity at sinter plant through effective operation, management & visualization with analytical models

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