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» Vendor Skill Development » School of Excellence» HR Services » HR Legal Services » Industrial Relations» Organizational Design » Productivity Improvement » Simulation & Analytics » Cost Optimization » Competency Mapping & AssessmentsThe Tata Steel Management Development center was established in 1954 and has taken a lead inhoning managerial capabilities, while the Shavak Nanavati Technical Training Institute marks 100 years of dedicated training experience in India. Infrastructure and curricula have constantly been invested into to keep the promise of excellence in our programs.

Our trainings are classified as:

Technical Trainings:

» Mechanical » Mining » Electrical Electronics & Instrumentation » IT and Digital Capability » Metallurgy

Managerial Trainings:

Managerial Training is designed keeping in mind the need to ensure real-world effectiveness of the training. Focus is on real-world cases, contextual role-play delivered in an interactive format for effective capacity building. There are6 major domainsof training covering a plethora of modules as follows: » Self-Development » Managerial Development » Sales Development » Leadership Development » Customer Service » Finance

E-learning Modules:

We offer a spectrum of employment-oriented and industry-focused training. The wide scope of training modules covers all the branches from Mechanical, Electrical to computers and IT. These include modules over6 major domainscovering a plethora of classes: » Mechanical » Metallurgy » Electrical Electronics and Instrumentation » Mining » IT and CS » Industry 360

Tailored Programs:

We design and institutionalize tailored learning programs to fulfill various organizational needs. These ensure a constantly learning and developing knowledge ecosystem.

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